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This is the website of the Cold War spy thriller Unity by Mike Bodnar.

Browse around (the menu is just above) and discover what Unity is all about, what inspired it, read a sample chapter, and learn more from the author in the FAQs. Or, if you've already read Unity you can leave feedback here too.

But first, here's the blurb from the book's cover...

UNITY by Mike Bodnar


London, 1967.

The Cold War continues, and Britain must remain vigilant as the super powers struggle for supremacy.

For the British intelligence services it is a time of suspicion, mistrust... and a need for innovation in strategies and tactics. For the military it is a time for new weaponry.

But the discovery by a top intelligence operative of unethical secret warfare experiments leads him to resign, and starts a race against time as over a million lives are threatened.



What readers are saying...
Quotation marks for reviews of the spy thriller Unity


An exciting and intricate spy thriller

I really cannot recommend this novel highly enough

A fine thriller

Captivates the reader

The story cracks along

Excellent, very innovative and clever

Builds to a gripping climax

An excellent read! 

Thoroughly enjoyed it

All I wanted to do was get to the next page!


 The plot twists, turns and grips to the finish

I'm staggered with the quality of the writing and attention to detail

An impressive debut novel

Superbly crafted

Quotation marks for reviews of the spy thriller Unity
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