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Unity was officially declassified (i.e. launched) on 22nd April 2023 at the Prisoner Convention 'PortmeiriCon' in Portmeirion Village. 

My thanks to all those who attended, and to Craig Walter and his team of Prisoner Appreciation Society members who made it happen.

If you weren't able to buy a paperback at the convention, don't panic - you can purchase Unity on Amazon as a paperback (£11), eBook (£4.99) or hardcover (£20).


Or, if you're visiting Portmeirion in North Wales then call in to Browsers Bookshop in Porthmadog High Street where you'll find Unity along with other Prisoner-related literature.


Be Number One and get in there!

Mike Bodnar with Unity outside Number 6's apartment in The Village, Portmeirion

If you live in New Zealand you can buy a signed and dedicated Unity paperback direct from me for just $24.*


Just send me an email, let me know who you want Unity dedicated to and where to send it, and I'll send you payment details and the book. Easy! 

*Postage will apply and will vary depending on where you live. Overseas purchasers must take responsibility for any applicable customs charges or import duty at their end.

Browsers Bookshop, Porthmadog, Gwynedd, North Wales: the only actual physical bookshop in Britain where you can buy Unity from a human being rather than a robot!

Paperback front cover with Pinner endorsement Aug 2023 copy.jpg
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