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I received this favourable review on Amazon. Given what it says, I must have got something right in Unity!

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The Book is Launched!

Unity was officially 'declassified' at the 2023 Prisoner convention at Portmeirion, on the weekend of 22/23 April.

Below are a few snaps from the event, which was well attended and heaps of fun. The Village was alive again with scenes from Free For All, Checkmate, and more, and the effort everyone made with their costumes was astounding!

My thanks to the organisers (Six of One Appreciation Society) for letting me use this splendid occasion to launch the book. Watch the highlights of my book launch here on YouTube (or see below!).

Coming Next:
The Liscannor Intercept

Trial book cover for Mike Bodnar's next novel, The Liscannor Intercept

Three years on from Unity, MI6 finds itself up against the IRA in an explosive race against time! 

Anastasia Walker and Rupert Symes are alerted to a consignment of guns, bombs, missiles and explosives making its way to Northern Ireland by sea. The IRA is desperate to receive it, but the ship carrying the menacing freight gets into mechanical difficulties off the coast of County Clare.


Agents Trainor and D’Amelio are dispatched to Ireland’s West Coast where they’re to rendezvous with a team of SAS soldiers. Their mission is two-fold: to intercept the IRA’s attempt to reach the stricken ship, and to prevent the deadly weapons from ever reaching shore.



But not everyone in the little village of Liscannor can be trusted. Who are IRA sympathisers, and who are not? How can Trainor and D’Amelio stop the ruthless IRA faction? When D’Amelio is captured and tortured, their mission seems doomed…

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